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CD   Frühe Sinfonien – Early Symphonies
  • Sinfonia concertante g-minor
  • Water and Hunting Symphonie
  • String Sinfonia

Ensemble “Neue Streicher”, Solo violin: Dimitri Polyzoides” / ORF- Symphony Orchestra, Conductor: Peter Keuschnig / Vienna String Soloists, Solo violin: Rainer Honeck

€ 21,00
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CD  Curiosa
  • Chamber – Music
  • Suites, Triosonaten
  • Concerto in F, “Sonata in Swing” etc…

Jörgen Fog (Vlc.) Alfred Hertel (Ob.), Martina Katt (C Rec.), Erich Schagerl (Vl.), Karl Steininger (Tr.), Erke Duit (Perc.) u.a.

€ 21,00
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CD  Turmbläsereyen – Music from the Steeple
  • Trumpet and organ: Allegro from the Wedding concert
  • Brass pieces: “Turmbläsereyen”
  • Sinfonia Sacra (Spititual Sinfonie for Brass-Ensemble) u.a.
€ 21,00
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CD  Engelsoratorium  (De Sanctis Angelis)
based on texts by Rilke, the Psalms, the Bible and the Book of Revelation supplemented by Nietzsche tells the oratory from the spiritual work of the angels, the formation and the battle of the salvation history phenomena such as the Annunciation, the Mount of Olives scene and resurrection, and the Book of Revelation up to heavenly Jerusalem.
  • Excerpts from the Reichersberger premiere
€ 18,00
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CD  Concerto Grosso
  • Concerto Grosso in D Minor for Flute, Horn, Piano and Strings
  • Concerto in F for trumpet, trombone, piano and strings
  • Swinging Symphony for String Orchestra

Festival Sinfonietta Linz, conducted by Lui Chan (violin), Christian countryman (flute), Eduard Geroldinger (Horn), Bernhard Mühringer (trumpet), Johann Reiter (trumpet), John William (Piano)

€ 21,00
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CD  Rieder  Symphonie
  • dedicated to the city of Ried
  • Festive Symphony in B: Introduzione festivo, Andante – Allegro molto, Andare nella cittá, Presto Finale
  • Bruckner Orchester Linz / Dennis Russel Davies
€ 12,00
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CD  Piano Concerto
  • Concerto for piano and orchestra (in C minor): Allegro animato, Largo adagio, Vivace molto
  • Maki Namekawa (piano) / Johannes Wildner & Festival Sinfonietta Linz
€ 12,00
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CD  Wiegenlied
  • An imperial Lullaby for a Princess:

In 2001, Franz Xaver Frenzel, Austria’s last living baroque composer, was commissioned by Dr. Thomas Klestil, the Federal President at that time, with the writing of a lullaby for the Japanese imperial family on the occasion of the birth of Her Imperial Highness, Princess Aiko.

The result is an enchanting trio for viola, violoncello and piano for the talented musicians within the imperial family.

For ten years the piece was under a voluntarily moratorium and was only available to the members of the imperial family. The piece has now been newly recorded and is henceforth available to the public as a golden mini CD.

  • Laura Maria Jungwirth (viola), Bertin Christlbauer (violoncello), Maki Namekawa (piano)
€ 10,00
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CD  Hellsbergkonzert
  • Violin Concerto in A Major
    Dedicated Clemens Hellberg

Allegro assai / Largo cantabile / Presto animato
Clemens Helberg and the Chamber Orchestra of the University Mozarteum
under the direction of Benjamin Bergmann

€ 10,00
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DCD Frühe Sinfonien und Curiosa


gift set edition with velvet case and detailed Frenzel booklet


€ 39,00